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8*4 Stake Truck

The 8×4 stake truck has two models for your option, but their drive types are the same. It is made up of cab, engine, transmission, front axle, rear axle, tire and other spare parts. Due to the good performance of each component, our stake truck can meet your specific transportation requirements. The detailed technical data for each model is listed in the table below.

Specifications of 8X4 Stake Truck

Model NXG5246CSY3 NXG5315CSY
Drive type 8×4
Max. travel speed(km/h) 95 90
Max. gradeability ( %) 20 20
Max. braking gradient(%) 20 20
Min. turning diameter(m) 24 24
Fuel t ank c apacity(L) 240/300 240/300
Min. ground clearance [full load](mm) 245 245
Electric system(v) 24 24
Curb weight(kg) 12090 11850
Rated load(kg) 11920 18950
Max. total weight(kg) 24200 30995
Total length(mm) 11985 11985
Total width(mm) 2495 2480,2487
Total height [no-load](mm) 3770 3770
Wheel base(mm) 1900+4800+1300 1900+4800+1350 1900+4800+1300 1900+4800+1350
Frame(mm) 320 320
Leaf spring 9/9/10 9/9/10
Main Parts
Cab High/flat top High/flat top
Engine CA6DF3-24E3 SC8DK260Q3 CA6DL1-26E3 SC8DK260Q3
Transmission 9JS119A 9JS119A
Front a xle 153extra-wide 153extra-wide
Rear a xle 457 double 457 double
Tire 10.00-20 11.00-20 10.00-20 11.00-20
Compartment dimension(inner)L×W×H(mm) 9500×2300×600 9500×2285×600

We are a specialized 8×4 stake truck supplier based in China. We are able to offer a comprehensive range of products, including cargo truck, motor grader, concrete pump truck, truck crane, single drum road roller, aerial work platform, and many others.

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