LW600/800K Wheel Loader

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LW600/800K Wheel Loader

Design Advantages
The wheel loader is designed with dual-pump, a hydraulic flow amplified steering system and more to ensure flexible and convenient operation.
(1) The steering unit is hydraulically and mechanically combined controlled. Hydraulic control is prior to mechanical control and can reduce the impact force on the steering unit.
(2) Hydraulic wet brake, combined with emergency brake and parking brake, ensures the safe operation of the wheel loader.
(3) Designed based on electromagnet positioning technology, the wheel loader has automatic bucket-leveling function. This reduces operator's working intensity and improves working efficiency.
(4) This wheel loader has an intelligent and independent ventilation system. The fan speed can be changed to suit working condition demands, which also contributes to energy saving and operation cost reduction.
(5) Integrated lubricating system ensures the normal operation of each friction part.
(6) Long wheelbase and high strength equipment frame ensures high reliability.
(7) The key structure parts of the wheel loader are designed using finite-element analysis technique. This allows the loader to competent for working in various dangerous conditions.

Quality Parts
1. Our wheel loaders are equipped with high performance turbocharged Cummins engines to supply strong power.
2. ZF electrically and hydraulically controlled transmission system offers smooth gear shifting, less gear shift frequency and improved loader working efficiency.
3. The brake is mounted inside the drive axle, so it is waterproof and dustproof and is maintenance free. This allows the wheel loader to travel in water and on soft ground with good braking performance, and also extends the service life of the axle.
4. International famous brand brake system, hydraulic system and lubricating system are utilized to ensure the reliability of the heavy equipment.
5. The electrical system of our wheel loaders has an electronic monitor to ensure safety. The plug connectors are full sealing type, and are installed in proper positions to keep away from rain and splashed water, etc. Thus, the loader offers safe operation.

Comfortable Operation Environment
1. The wheel loader has a large driver cab with wide visibility. The cab is equipped with an air conditioning system, radio, cup holder, and adjustable instrument panel.
2. An electronic monitoring and warning system is available to monitor the running status of the loader accurately.
3. The single lever control system makes the loader easy for operation.
4. The boom lifting limit function avoids the mechanical impact on the equipment effectively.

Convenient Maintenance
1. The maintenance personnel can conduct equipment maintenance by standing on the ground. It's convenient.
2. The side plates of the shield and the rear cover of the wheel loader can be opened easily. So, it is convenient to check and repair the engine and other parts.

Thoughtful Designs
1. The key articulated positions come with two-stage dustproof designs. This prevents the articulated parts being polluted by overflow grease and dust and reduces the abrasion of pins. Thus, the wheel loader is provided with extended service life and reduced operation and maintenance cost.
2. The hydraulic pipeline adopts two-level sealing: 24º cone and O ring. This ensures no leakage.
3. The wheel loader blade and bucket teeth are wearing resistant and have long service life.
4. Easily worn pipelines are equipped with protection sleeve to prolong lifespan.

Technical Specifications of Wheel Loader

Item LW600K LW800K
Rated bucket capacity 3.5m³ 4.5m³
Rated load 6000kg 8000kg
Operating weight 20000kg 28500kg
Min. dumping clearance 467mm 480mm
Max. traction force 171kN 245kN
Max. breakout force 201kN 260kN
Boom lifting time 5.7s 6.9s
Total cycling time 10.9s 11.8s
Engine Model Cummins QSC8.3 Cummins QSM11-C335
Type 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, electronic injection, turbo charging Electrical injection, turbo charging, air-air intercooling
Rated engine power 179kW 250kW
Rated engine speed 2200r/min 2100r/min
Travel speed Forward/Backward I Gear 6/6km/h 7/7km/h
Forward/Backward II Gear 11/11km/h 11.5/11.5km/h
Forward/Backward III Gear 22/22km/h 24.5/24.5km/h
Forward IV Gear 36km/h 35.5km/h
Model 23.5-25 29.5-25-22PR

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