LW300/500F Wheel Loader

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LW300/500F Wheel Loader
LW300F LW500F

The two models of wheel loader on this page are developed by making improvement on traditional products. They have better performances compared with their counterparts.
The two models of wheel loader are designed with metal cab and hood and their body is coated with electrophoretic coating. They feature high efficiency, strong power, long service life, great comfortability.

Great Strength
1. The wheel loader is designed with a 160mm tilt cylinder bore and a large 125mm boom cylinder bore. This increases the boom lifting force by 29%.
2. With 12 ton strong tilt drawing force, our wheel loaders can work in various tough conditions.
3. 7-ton strong boom lifting force allows the wheel loader to conduct heavy load operations.

Technical Specifications of Wheel Loader

Item Unit LW 300F LW500F
Rated load t 3 5
Bucket capacity m3 1.8 3
Dumping height mm 2892 3100
Dumping distance mm 1104 1274
Max. drawing force kN ≥120 158
Max. traction force kN ≥90 156
Dimension (Length × Width × Height ) mm 6905×2470×3028 8010×3016×3350
Operating weight t 10 16.5
Boom lifting time s 5.65 ≤5.6
Total cycling time s 10.3 ≤9.9
Wheelbase mm 2600 2900
Min. turning radius ( from the external of b ucket) mm 5925 6920
Rated power km/h 92 ±35º
Travel speed I Gear (Forward/Backward) km/h 0 ~ 10/14 0~11.5/16.5
II Gear (Forward/Backward) km/h 0 ~ 16/25 0~38
III Gear (Forward) km/h 0 ~ 21
IV Gear (Forward) km/h 0 ~ 35
Boom Parameter Long boom parameter
Standard bucket Coal bucket
Bucket capacity m3 1.5/1.8 2.7 3.5
Rated load t 2.6/2.6 4.5 4.0
Dumping height mm 3253/3200 3520 3340
Dumping distance mm 1051/1142 1230 1380
Dimension (Length × Width × Height) mm 7127×2470×3028 ; 7226×2470×3028 8300×3016×3350 8530×3016×3350
Min. turning radius ( from the external of b ucket) mm 7060 7080
Operating weight t 10.2/10.2 16.6 16.7

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