LW188/220 Wheel Loader

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LW188/220 Wheel Loader
LW188 LW220

Technical Specifications of the Wheel Loader

Model LW188 LW220
Dimension (Length×Width×Height ) 5520×1960×2850mm 5520×1960×2850mm
Rated load 1.8t 2t
Lifting time ≤5s
Digging force 50kN 50KN
Articulated angle 35±1
Wheelbase 2200 mm 2200mm
Tread 1490 mm 1490mm
Rated rotary speed 2400r/min 2400r/min
Ist (F/R) 6/6km/h 6/6km/h
2nd(F/R) 24/24km/h 24/24km/h
Diesel engine Luotuo Luotuo
Engine model LR4105G72DA LR4108G75
Engine type Natural aspirated
Rated power 60kW 64kw
Overall weight 6.0t 6t
Tire specification 16/70-20 16/70-20
Dumping clearance 2350/2700/3000mm 2350/2700/3000mm
Dumping reach 850 mm 900mm
Total cycling time ≤10s < 10s

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