SD08 Crawler Bulldozer

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SD08 Crawler Bulldozer

Features of Crawler Bulldozer
1. This crawler bulldozer is equipped with a strong power, high efficiency and energy saving turbo charged engine. This provides the bulldozer a large torque reserve coefficient.
2. The extended track provides the bulldozer low ground pressure, high reliability and strong traction.
3. The planetary power shift transmission of the crawler bulldozer features a compact structure, smooth gear shifting, high efficiency and a long service life.
4. The bulldozer operator can control the forward and reverse motion, gear shifting, and steering via a single PPC lever. The operation is simple and convenient.
5. Integrated dashboard design makes observation of machine processes more logical.
6. The hexahedron cab has a beautiful appearance, wide visibility and is very comfortable.
7. This crawler bulldozer is equipped with a straight angle blade for soil and sand as well as rubble excavating, transporting, and backfilling, etc. It is widely used in earth moving projects on roads, farms, rivers, urban areas and power plant projects.

Technical Specifications of Crawler Bulldozer
Rated Power/Revolutions: 59kW (80hp ) /2350rpm
Machine Weight: 7650kg
Blade Capacity: 2.02m3
Blade Width × Height: 2553×890mm

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