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QUY80 Crawler Crane

Features of QUY80 Crawler Crane
1. The crawler crane features high hoisting performance, 360°slewing operation and telescopic crawler. It can travel with load.
2. The length of main boom is 13~58m, and the length of fixed jib is 9~18m.
3. The open type pump controlled variable displacement system features constant power control.
4. The slewing system is pump controlled closed system, ensuring smooth and reliable movement.
5. The crawler crane has a max. lifting capacity of 80T.

Technical Specifications of QUY80 Crawler Crane

Item Unit Parameter
Max. lifting capacity t 80
Max. load moment kN.m 337 5
Boom length m 13-58
Elevation angle ° 30-80
Single line speed
Main winch system m/min 0-120
Aux.winch system m/min 0-120
Elevating system m/min 0-57
Grade-ability 30%
Swing speed r/min 0-2
Max. travel speed km/h 1.2
Average ground pressure MPa 0.087
Engine output KW 200
Jib length m 9-18
Jib erection angle ° 10/30
Max. weight of single part in transport state t 28
Dimension of single part(main machine) in transport state(L×W×H) m 6.5×3.3×3.5

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