QY130K Truck Crane

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QY130K Truck Crane

Features of QY130K Truck Crane
1. The truck crane offers a top travel speed of 70 km/h.
2. The max. grade ability is 40%.

Technical Specifications of QY130K Truck Crane

Classificat ion Item Unit Parameter
Outline dimension Overall length mm 14950
Overall width mm 3000
Overall height mm 3950
Axle base Axle 1, Axle 2 mm 1420
Axle 2, Axle 3 mm 2420
Axle 3, Axle 4 mm 1875
Axle 4, Axle 5 mm 1350
Axle 5, Axle 6 mm 1400
Wheel base mm 2610/2307
Mass Total mass in travel state kg 62000
Axle load Axle 1, Axle 2 kg 8800/8800
Axle 3, Axle 4 kg 9200/12700
Axle 5, Axle 6 kg 12700/9800
Power Crane superstructure engine Rated power kw/(r/min) 162/2100
Rated torque N.m/(r/min) 854/1400
Rated speed r/min 2100
Crane carrier engine Rated power kw/(r/min) 390/1800
Rated torque N.m/(r/min) 2400/1080
Rated speed r/min 2000
Travel performance Travel speed Max. travel speed km/h 70
Min. stable travel speed km/h 2.1
Min. turning diameter m 24
Min. ground clearance mm 275
Approach angle (º) 23
Departure angle (º) 14
Braking distance (at 30km/h) m ≤ 10
Max. grade-ability % 40
Fuel consumption for 100km L 80

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